Swim Baits
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1. NetBait Paca Slim 4" (9pkg)
2. WINN Superior Rod Wrap (1.1mm)
3. Live Target (Sunfish) 3 inch
4. NetBait Contour Worm (10pkg)
5. Eco-PRO Bobber Stop (10) pkg

1. Shaky Floating Worm - 6 inch - qty 10
2. NetBait 5" Paca Craw & 4" Baby Paca Craw
3. NetBait Original Paca Chunk 2 3/4 in- 6 ct Bag
4. NetBait Finesse Worm - 20 ct Bag
5. NetBait Senior Paca Chunk 3 1/4 inch - 5 ct Bag
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Swim Baits

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Davis Baits' XSWIM Under Spin

The XSWIM Under Spin is designed to be fished with swim baits It is perfectly balanced to allow the swim bait to swim in the perfect upright position.

Price: $4.09
Davis Baits' XSWIM Under Spin

Davis XSWIM/SS Weighted Swim Bait Hook (3pkg)

Davis Baits XSWIM Weighted Swim Bait Hook. Made with Mustad Ultra Point Hooks. The ultimate hook for your favorite swim bait. The screw lock holds the bait in place and allows the bait to run true at all times.

Price: $6.39
Davis XSWIM/SS Weighted Swim Bait Hook (3pkg)

NetBait BK Swimbait 4" (5pkg)

The BK Swimbait has a large paddle tail that creates a life-like action. It has a hook slot that makes rigging a breeze. Ideal for use with the Alabama Rig or the School Bus.

Price: $5.39
NetBait BK Swimbait 4"  (5pkg)

Zoom Magnum Super Fluke 7" (5pkg)

The Mag Super Fluke is a beefed up version of Zoom's popular Super Fluke soft plastic. Offering a plump yet streamlined shape with lifelike baitfish split tail, the Mag Super Fluke jerkbait is virtually impossible to fish wrong.

Price: $4.99
Zoom Magnum Super Fluke 7"   (5pkg)

NetBait 5" Big Spanky

NetBait now has the 5" Big Spanky swimbait. It comes in all of the same fish catching colors as the Little Spanky

Price: $4.09
NetBait 5" Big Spanky

NetBait Little Spanky 3.5" (9pkg)

The Little Spanky is a 3.5" package of fish catching dynamite. The action of this swimbait is perfect. Put it on your favorite jig head, Shaky fish head, a-rig or swim bait head and let it do the work for you.

Price: $4.09
NetBait Little Spanky   3.5"   (9pkg)

Little Wills Swim Minnow (4pkg)

Little Will's Swim Minnow is the perfect swim bait for the smaller profile baits.

Price: $0.00
Little Wills Swim Minnow   (4pkg)

Shaky Fish

The Shaky Fish creates vibration and it has a realistic action that works on all gamefish. It can be fished with just about any presentation.

Price: $5.69
Shaky Fish

Reaction Innovations' Skinny Dipper (7ct)

The Skinny Dipper is a soft plastic bait that can be effective in and around all types of structure.

List Price: $5.95
Price: $4.95
You Save: $1.00 (17%)
Reaction Innovations'  Skinny Dipper  (7ct)

Davis Baits (School Bus)RIG ONLY no heads or baits

The hottest bait this year is the (Davis Baits School Bus). The bait utilizes five swim baits in unisom to mimic a small school of bait fish and big fish just can't resist the temptation.

Price: $16.95
Davis Baits (School Bus)RIG ONLY no heads or baits

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