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HBT Painted Bulk Pkg (25pkg) (HBT-25PTD)

HBT Painted Bulk Pkg  (25pkg)

You can now buy the best Shaky head on the markt, the Davis HBT head; in bulk and in your choice of three colors. The HBT comes in Brown, Green Pumpkin and Black. There are 25 heads in the bulk package. With the eye of the hook on a 30 deg angle and located right against the lead head, your bait will come through the brush and rocks without near as many hangups.

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Price: $18.95

Select HBT Size and Color :
   1/16oz Black
   1/16oz Green Pumpkin
   1/4oz - Black
   1/4oz - Brown
   1/4oz Green Pumpkin
   1/8oz - Black
   1/8oz - Brown
   1/8oz Green Pumpkin
   3/16oz - Black
   3/16oz - Green Pumpkin
   3/16oz Brown

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