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1. WINN Superior Rod Wrap (1.1mm)
2. Live Target (Sunfish) 3 inch
3. Shimano Casitas 150 (6.3:1 )
4. NetBait Contour Worm (10pkg)
5. Eco-PRO Bobber Stop (10) pkg

1. Shaky Floating Worm - 6 inch - qty 10
2. NetBait 5" Paca Craw & 4" Baby Paca Craw
3. NetBait Original Paca Chunk 2 3/4 in- 6 ct Bag
4. NetBait Finesse Worm - 20 ct Bag
5. NetBait Senior Paca Chunk 3 1/4 inch - 5 ct Bag
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Lead Bullet weights (10Pkg)

Coosa Tackle Bullet Weights come 10 to a package and they are available in 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4oz.

Price: $1.99
Lead Bullet weights (10Pkg)

Davis Baits (Z-Bend Football head) (5pkg)

Davis Baits' finesse jig head with an offset hook on a football head that stands up when it gets to the bottom.

Price: $3.39
Davis Baits (Z-Bend Football head)  (5pkg)

SPRO Bucktail Jig

The pulsating action of bucktail in these SPRO Prime Buckttail Jigs catches the attention of fish and gets them to strike. Jigs have super-sharp GamakatsuŽ hooks.

Price: $3.99
SPRO Bucktail Jig

Gene Larew's Biffle Hardhead (2 pkg)

Biffle Hardhead's football head is designed for optimal performance in and around cover. The loosely attached hook allows the bait to move about more freely.

Price: $5.59
Gene Larew's Biffle Hardhead  (2 pkg)

Bill Lowen's Shaky Head (5pkg)

The Shaky Head that keeps your bait in place. The design of this head will not allow the worm to slide down the shaft. It keeps the worm straight at all times

Price: $5.49
Bill Lowen's Shaky Head  (5pkg)

Davis bait's Bill Lowen Swim Jig (1/4oz)

The Davis bait's Bill Lowen Swim Jig was designed by Bill Lowen to meet the needs of all fishermen The precise balance and bold appearance make this a perfect swim jig.

Price: $3.84
Davis bait's Bill Lowen Swim Jig  (1/4oz)

NetBait HBT Shaky Head

The NetBait HBT Shaky head is the ultimate head when it comes to Shaky Head fishing.

Price: $16.95
NetBait HBT Shaky Head

Warrior Bait's Tube Jig Heads (5pkg)

Warrior Bait's Tube Jig head is designed with the hook eye positioned at a 60 degree angle. This provides a better hook setting angle and it does not hang up as often.

Price: $3.59
Warrior Bait's Tube Jig Heads  (5pkg)

Davis Baits J Swim (Swim Jig)

The new J Swim features a perfectly balance swim head and an awesome 6/0 hook for unprecedented hook sets.

Price: $4.17
Davis Baits J Swim  (Swim Jig)

Davis Rattlin' Jig

CLOSE OUT SALE, QUANTITIES LIMITED, COLORS MAY BE SUBSTITUTED TO PREVENT BACKORDERS!!!! Thise Davis jig was developed with the performance needs of the serious jig fisherman in mind. This jig will be replaced by the new Davis Baits Rock Crawler Jig

List Price: $4.29
Price: $2.99
You Save: $1.30 (30%)
Davis Rattlin' Jig

Davis Baits HBT Screw lock (3pkg)

Davis Baits HBT Screw lock is here and is another quality Shaky Head manufactured by William Davis.

Price: $3.59
Davis Baits HBT Screw lock    (3pkg)

Davis Pro Max Swimming Jig

The Pro Max is being redesigned and the existing baits will be replaced with the J Swim. If you prefer the 26 degree black nickel Mustad hook that keeps Bass buttoned up after the hookset, and the perfect weed guard with the attached trailer keeper,u

Price: $5.79
Davis Pro Max Swimming Jig

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